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The following is a simplified explanation of what we do that makes any street car, any race car, motorcycle, cart, or boat run quicker, cooler and more efficient by reducing friction and drag in the rotating parts in the engine, transmission and rear end.

If you look at machined metal parts under a microscope, you will see the surface is a series of peaks and valleys. Kind of looks like a saw tooth. This is on a micro inch level. It can be measured with a profilometer. Most surface finishes will (say a ring and pinion) measure around a 20 micro inch. (20Ra on a profilometer). Optimum surface finishes are generally considered to be between 10Ra and 5 Ra. Rotating parts run on a film of oil. The valleys retain the oil. The peaks can actually stick up above the oil film.” Wear” is the peaks of say a rear end pinion gear rubbing against the peaks of the ring gear. This is what break-in is all about. You violently rub the new parts together to knock the peaks off.

NEGP has a proven process to smooth the surfaces of these rotating parts. We gently melt the peaks off, leave the oil holding valleys, and thus reduce the friction and drag.

NEGP performs the REM® Isotropic Surface Finish® process on your parts. This process consists of round vibratory bowls or rectangular vibratory tubs filled with very dense, very smooth stones. If you work in a shop, it is similar to the tumblers that are used to take burrs off stamped or machined parts. If you are a reloader, it is just like your little bullet tumbler.

We adjust the action of the stones in the tumbler to give a certain action. The process then uses special REM® chemistry to first cut down the parts, and then, using another REM® chemical, burnish the part, which removes the cut down chemistry and leaves that super shined surface you see in the pictures on the rest of this site.

You will see some real-world cars and parts and some of our homemade videos demonstrating the difference before and after our process is done. If you want a more scientific explanation of what happens with the process, by all means, check out REM Chemical’s site.

New England Gear Polishing, LLC is a REM® Authorized Motorsport Job Shop.


We Are Faster

"Just wanted to let you know that we qualified 3rd out of 151 cars at the US Nationals in Indy. We are faster using New England Gear Polishing. Thanks for a great service."

- Chris & Rod Butcher

The quality of the gear polishing work done was outstanding!

I have sent several vintage Honda motorcycle transmission gear sets as well as crankshafts, rods, camshafts, and all other valvetrain related components to New England Gear Polishing. Everything I received back is impeccable! The quality of the work done was outstanding! Also, all parts for my customers were kept separate and organized as it pertained to separate jobs. Even the quality of wrapping and packaging the parts for shipping was second to none. The gears when assembled on the transmission shafts slide and move like glass now. When competing on any level options such as superfinishing gears, springs, cranks, camshafts, and shifting components should not be overlooked or underestimated!! My customers regularly respond with, "WOW, What a difference!"

- Nathan H.

These guys are the BEST REM job shop!

We send many of our transmissions and rear gears to NEGP because they cut friction and heat, which reduced wear, and that makes the cars faster

- Jonathon Williams, Williams Race Gears

These guys are awesome!

“These guys are awesome! The quality of work is amazing. Reasonable price and quick turn around!”

- Les Rose