Is the NEGP REM® Process a coating?

No. The chrome plated appearance we generate is the base metal of your part only. Nothing is added to the surface like plating at our Connecticut-based REM gear polishing job shop for bearings, crankshafts, gears, transmission parts, and transaxle.

Will the process change bearing clearances?

No. We perform special masking processes first so the cutting chemistry does not affect areas like crankshaft journals or pinion bearings or sealing surfaces.

When should my crankshaft get processed?

You can finish machine and balance the crank before you send it to us. We will not affect the crank in our process. However, it is okay if you want us to do the crank before final machining or balancing if you prefer. New England Gear Polishing provides camshaft polishing - try us for REM finished camshafts.

What parts are normally processed?

Any steel parts. All wheel bearings and rear end bearings, ring and pinions, transmission and transaxle gears and shafts, crankshafts, steel connecting rods, camshafts, valve springs, and oil pump gears.

Does REM finishing do anything?

Micropolishing metal parts that rotate creates smoother surfaces. With smoother surfaces, surface fractures are reduced. By reducing heat and friction, more horsepower gets to the rear wheels, and components last longer - and you are FASTER!